Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment, Maintenance, Operations and Management

For cities and towns across the Midwest and Southeast with a unique variety of local needs and available resources, Alliance will tailor its contract operations approach to provide the specific management, operations and maintenance services each municipality requires while responsibly managing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. For some cities, the focus may be on water or wastewater treatment plant operations, reliable preventative maintenance efforts or providing and training outstanding professional and technical personnel. For other communities, the contract operations, maintenance or management services provided by Alliance may be more extensive and include full O&M for entire systems.

Whether your water system is within a metropolitan city or a rural town, the water and wastewater treatment professionals at Alliance Water Resources have the expertise needed to ensure your water services and systems are running smoothly. Solutions provided to our clients have included:

  • Water and wastewater treatment plant operations
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance systems
  • Supporting capital improvement programs
  • Meter reading, repair and installation
  • Addressing water supply concerns including water quality and water pressure
  • Locating water and sewer lines
  • Training and/or providing professional and technical personnel
  • Billing and customer services

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