Company Profile

Headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, Alliance Water Resources is a leading provider of professional operations and maintenance services for community water and wastewater systems, serving communities in Missouri and surrounding states. In some communities, Alliance provides high performance full-service management, operations, and maintenance of some of the most sophisticated water and wastewater treatment facilities in the industry. In others, Alliance is demonstrating that highly professional operations and maintenance can often bring water and wastewater systems into full compliance without expensive new facilities. Alliance has proven success with tough regulatory challenges. Without exception, every Alliance contract brings the community's system into compliance.

  Mission Statement

Alliance Water Resources, Inc. partners with communities to deliver the finest water and wastewater services available at a competitive price. We are committed to keeping water safe and clean while serving people and taking care of communities with improved technical operations, careful management and financial oversight, and ensured regulatory compliance.

  Company Size

Alliance is a steadily growing enterprise with more than 30 service locations and more than 300 employees in Missouri and surrounding states.

  Industry Ranking

In Missouri, Alliance ranks number one in its industry. Nationally, Alliance ranks among industry leaders who provide contract operations for water and wastewater systems.

  Representative Clients

Alliance Water Resources offers services to municipal water, wastewater and public works systems, investor-owned utilities, not-for-profit utilities, and rural water and wastewater districts.

  Communities Served

The communities served by Alliance range from bustling cities like Cape Girardeau, to Missouri’s largest and fastest growing water district, to rural utility districts and some of the state’s smallest towns. Alliance also serves communities in surrounding states.

  Industries Served

Alliance operates and serves state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment systems that specifically meet the needs of leading manufacturers, major correctional centers, colleges and universities, resort areas, and a variety of other commercial users.

  Performance Challenges

In the past three decades, communities in Middle America have had to contend with a cluster of performance challenges for their water resource infrastructures:

  • Effective management of the business side of water resource systems and districts has become increasingly challenging.

  • Technical staffs have become much more difficult to recruit and retain.

  • Regulatory burdens have greatly expanded.

  • Cost pressures on local governments and agencies are greater today than ever before.

  • Outside funding support has continued to shrink.

  Professional Resources

The Alliance team is made up of more than 300 professional, technical, and administrative employees, including professional engineers, chemical engineers, sanitary engineers, biologists, microbiologists, chemists, accounting and finance professionals, computer programmers, certified water and wastewater operators, laboratory technicians, and electrical and mechanical technicians.

  Awards And Honors

Alliance’s performance track record is frequently recognized by major awards from professional, trade, and management associations, including a number of MWEA and MWWC plant of the year and operator of the year awards, and numerous no-lost-time safety awards.

  A Brief History

Alliance Water Resources was founded in Columbia, Missouri, in 1976 as Mid-Missouri Engineers, Inc. to provide specialty services to the water and wastewater industry. In the early 1980s, the firm began to play a pioneering role in the professional management and operation of water and wastewater systems and districts. Today, Alliance focuses exclusively on contract management and contract operations and has continuously ranked as the industry leader in Missouri for more than 25 years.

  Company Achievements

Since its founding more than 25 years ago, Alliance has quietly won nationwide recognition as an industry pioneer, an innovator, a business and financial problem solver, and a technology leader with an unusual understanding of the needs of local communities. Alliance is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive management services as well as contract operations services for water and wastewater systems.