Eastern Missouri City

Project Overview

In 1999, Alliance Water Resources was asked to provide supervision of water and wastewater services for this eastern Missouri city. Because the City’s public works staff had overlapping duties in the water and wastewater departments, Alliance proposed a management program for all city public works functions that would ensure the most efficient use of personnel in every area. Since that time Alliance has provided systematic, rigorous professional operations and maintenance for the City’s water, wastewater and public works infrastructure.

System Description
Services Performed
  • Lack of qualified staff due to retirement of long-time superintendent
  • The water treatment facility was in substantial disrepair and water quality complaints were common
  • There was no organized work order system, and a planned, proactive maintenance and repair program was needed
  • A systematic program of plant modifications, equipment repair and operator attention has significantly improved water plant operations
  • A water meter testing/change-out program has been implemented
  • Improved operational approaches, combined with an aggressive flushing program, are ensuring higher water quality for customers
  • A street repair and overlay program is now in effect, and the general image of the public works department has been enhanced
  • Consistent, high-quality water was provided during major water plant renovations
  • Inconsistent water pressure had been a problem for the City; Alliance addressed this issue by adding a new water main and installing a pressure-reducing valve to equalize pressure throughout the town
  • The City now saves close to $5,000 on chemical costs each year due to improved plant operations and Alliance’s purchasing power
  • Alliance completed an energy audit that continues to save more than $3,000 annually with efficient operations
  • To protect the City’s investment, a maintenance building was constructed for vehicles and equipment
System Description
  • Water
    • Lime softening water treatment plant, distribution system and storage
    • 2 shallow alluvial wells
  • Wastewater
    • Wastewater treatment lagoons
    • Lift stations, collection system
  • Public Works
    • Streets, curbs and gutters, park, cemetery
Services Performed
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Collection/Distribution
  • Public Works