Atchison County, MO


The Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission was formed by joint contract under the Joint Municipal Utility Commission Act. The Commission consists of the Atchison County Public Water Supply District #1, the City of Fairfax, the City of Rock Port, and the City of Tarkio. Construction of the entire project, wells, treat ¬ment plant distribution system, and storage began January 2012.

Project Background

Alliance water Resources began working with Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission in ‘ June of 2013 to provide operational input and support to the general contractor and engineering firm throughout the later part of construction and the startup period. In October of 2013 Alliance began to provide full management and operations of the water treatment facility and distribution system.


  • The Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission needed professional assistance in managing the start-up and operation of a new wholesale water supply in northwest Missouri.

Alliance Achievements

  • Successful startup of water treatment facilities.
  • Provided technical operational input throughout the finalization of construction.
  • Coordi¬nated with technicians to address startup challenges and to refine programming design of SCADA system.
  • Represented the Commission in resolution of post-construction erosion issues to the satisfaction of local property owners.
  • Developed policies, procedures and job descriptions for employees.
  • Implemented Alliance’s ReCAP program for environmental testing and compliance.
  • Alliance installed a competent and experienced manager on-site to protect the Commission’s interests.
  • Implemented a safety program that conforms to industry standards and best practices.

Cost Savings:

  • Alliance analyzed the plant design and made suggestions on chemical injections which in turn saved Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission approximately S13,000 annually on chemical cost and produced quality water at a lower cost.

Alliance Services

  • Water Treatment
  • Distribution System
  • Water Meter Reading
  • Management and Administration

System Description

  • 2.5 MGD Water treatment Facility
  • 3 water supply wells fed from the Missouri River alluvium
  • 1,910 gpm induced draft aerator
  • 3 diesel powered backup generators. (Well Field, WTP, and Booster pumpstation)