Reprinted with permission from the Tipton Conservative Newspaper, Tipton, Iowa.

The Water Pollution Control Association (IWPCA) has announced that the Tipton Water Pollution Control Facility is this year\'s winner of the Grade II Operator Advancement Award. This award recognized the plant superintendent and staff for overall achievement in water pollution control and public awareness of the water environment. Ronald Hembry is the plant superintendent of the treatment facility which is operated by a contract company, Alliance Water Resources. The criteria used in judging include plant performance, collection and management of plant and laboratory data, safety training and record, and public relations and awareness.

The IWPCA is a nonprofit association of wastewater treatment operators, regulators, engineers, teachers, vendors and students who have joined together to promote the protection of Iowa\'s valuable resources of clean water and the environment by providing opportunities for participation, education and training. The award was announced at the Association\'s annual meeting in Ames on June 22. A plaque inscribed with this honor has been presented to the facility and staff.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, who nominates candidates for this award, said that “Hembry has demonstrated a desire and interest in protecting the surface waters of the State of Iowa. He is attentive to the operation of the lagoons and if problems arise he acts quickly to implement corrective actions that can resolve the problems.”