Workers at Alliance\'s St. Charles County division were recognized last month for their efforts to maintain a model safety program.

The award is presented every six months to the Alliance division whose safety program receives the highest ranking compared to the company\'s overall safety goals. The facility has been managed by operations and maintenance company Alliance Water Resources since 1987.

“It\'s a great honor for us to win this award,” said local system manager Tim Geraghty. “Our whole division has worked hard to continually improve our safety awareness, especially Mark Mahler safety coordinator and his committee. I know everyone at our division is proud to have earned this award.”

The Traveling Safety Award was presented during a bi-annual meeting for Alliance managers in February. Geraghty and his team have earned bragging and display rights for the award until July. They are a repeat winner; having won the award the first time at February 2004 manager\'s meeting.

Winning safety program efforts include promoting safety rules through a variety of training methods that apply hands-on real job experiences, involving all staff in identifying safety issues and finding solutions, and keeping careful documentation of training sessions, safety meetings and resulting improvements. A special celebration in recognition the division\'s accomplishments was held on March 18. Each employee at the division received a gift certificate to the company store for their cooperative efforts toward a model safety program.

Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., Alliance Water Resources is a leading provider of professional operations and maintenance services for community water and wastewater systems in Middle America. The company prides itself in its unique understanding of the needs of communities in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas.