When Alliance Water Resources was offered an opportunity to test a fleet vehicle GPS program intended to increase driver safety for their employees, Mark Mahler, Director of Human Resources and Compliance, was completely on board.

Alliance implemented the GPS fleet software in late 2019 for all company-owned vehicles and any vehicles of Alliance clients that obtain their insurance through the partnership. The program, which was recommended by Alliance’s insurance company, made an impact the first week they started collecting data, with a drop in excessive speeds of 80%.

The software, as it is set up for Alliance, monitors driving habits such as rates of braking and acceleration, speeds, seat belt use and idling. When the system senses habits noncongruent with safe driving, it beeps to alert the driver. Over time, the software is intended to improve driver habits, ultimately resulting in reduced accidents and greater safety for employees, which Mahler says is the ideal goal and ultimate payoff.

In addition to better safety for staff, the residual effects of reduced insurance costs and fuel expenses are a benefit to the bottom line of the company. These overall cost reductions can then also be recognized by Alliance partnership communities.

The company receives custom reports, allowing them to determine which data they wish to collect, and Mahler has the capacity to view stats live at any time through the online dashboard. He says this allows him to alert managers in real time or take further actions to help change behaviors.

Mahler says he is most excited to see improvements in driver habits like seat belt use and reduced speeds. With more than 300 employees and partner communities that span four states, many Alliance employees spend time on the roads. Mahler says, “The safety of our staff is one of our top priorities as a company, as Alliance’s greatest asset is our employees. I am excited about this product to help keep them safer on the road.”