Thursday, January 7th, 2010
Annie Chiodo serves as the Manager of Waynesboro Water & Wastewater along with the responsibilities of Region 7 Leader. The meeting took place at Bradley\'s Restaurant in downtown Waynesboro and attracted some new attendee\'s for this Region. Typically, this has been one of the smallest regions but, a new realignment of adding Decatur and Hardin Counties to Region 7 should boost attendance figures. The move was made to give Utility District\'s located in the eastern part of West Tennessee south of I-40 a better chance to attend the quarterly meetings without having to travel down to Memphis. Larry Lewis of TAUD felt that the realignment would serve the Decatur and Hardin County\'s Utility Districts better and pushed to make the change. Lewis said in a statement during the Wayne County meeting, we try to make each Region accessible for all Utility\'s travels as we are sensitive to the amount of time needed to attend meetings.

The first presentation of the meeting was from Alliance Water Resources with Dick Tuttle providing a power point presentation. The presentation centered around the I&I issues and how to construct a program. Dick discussed the reducing infiltration and inflow as an important component of CMOM. He also presented the information on the benefits of I&I reduction for communities as efficiencies result from fewer complaints. This information will help achieve fewer sewer system overflows, less time spent on sewer backups, lowered energy cost, and less wear and tear on treatment plant machinery.