Alliance Water Resources has adopted a new mission statement.

The new statement is part of recent strategic planning efforts by company President Gary Anger, Vice President for Business Development Craig Edlund and Vice President for Accounting Dale Wagner.

The leadership team decided to update the statement because “we believe it more completely addresses the current company mission while maintaining a focus on the same three major areas as the original: taking good care of our clients, taking good care of our employees, and growing our company wisely” said Anger.

The updated mission statement for Alliance Water Resources reads:

Alliance Water Resources, Inc. is committed to providing the finest water, wastewater and other public works services available at a competitive price. Our goal is to help clients improve their technical, management and financial capabilities, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer service. We will share our extensive expertise and solve problems for our clients. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-term, close working relationships with our clients and to providing a level of service beyond their expectations.

We value our employees and their families and will continue to provide a company culture that is positive, supportive, and challenging. We will strive for a balanced work environment that rewards excellence and encourages job satisfaction and personal enjoyment. We will model and reinforce our core values of honesty, family, reliability, respect and trust. We will continue to provide educational and growth opportunities for our employees.

We plan to continue our historic pattern of steady growth by seeking new opportunities through the expansion of our core business. Additionally, we will explore other related business opportunities to compliment and expand the services we can provide.

Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., Alliance Water Resources is a leading provider of professional operations and maintenance services for community water and wastewater systems in Middle America. The company prides itself in its unique understanding of the needs of communities in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas.