Mark Mahler

Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance

For more than 20 years, Mr. Mahler has proactively enlisted in workplace safety programs. His status as a regulatory compliance expert is well deserved; the direct result of his consistent due diligence in compliance requirement research and effective follow-through.

Current Responsibilities

Mr. Mahler is responsible for not only the Regulation Compliance Assurance Program (ReCAP) to safeguard integrity in compliance reporting, but also Alliance’s Safety Program to keep employees protected on the job. Diligent regulatory research backed up by verification from officials in the know is a fundamental aspect of the ReCAP program and a major function of Mr. Mahler’s role as ReCAP manager.

As manager of Alliance’s Safety Program, Mr. Mahler is responsible for reducing or eliminating harm to employees on the job. All incidents of employee injury are reported to Mr. Mahler to assure they are given the careful consideration they deserve. Mr. Mahler visits each client division to make sure safety practices are being followed for employees and the working environment is sound. These visits also provide face-to-face time for employees to speak out with ideas, concerns or training requests.

Prior Experience

An emphasis on safety is evident throughout Mr. Mahler’s career. He has been an Alliance employee since 2000 and served as safety coordinator at the St. Charles, MO., division where he showed incredible initiative. His drive to understand and impart the details of compliance and safety issues was a clear advantage for the 50-plus employee operation. Before his time at Alliance, he worked as a wastewater operator for the City of Pompano Beach, Fla. where he was also the safety committee officer.

Areas of Special Expertise

  • State and Federal Regulations for Water and Wastewater System Operations
  • OSHA Regulations and Safety Practices
  • Safety Program Planning
  • Employee Motivation and Training
  • Wastewater Plant Operations
  • Competent Person Trainer for Confined Space and Trenching & Shoring
  • Approved OSHA Safety Trainer

Certifications/ Registrations/ Memberships

  • Grade II Distribution System Operator, TN
  • Grade II Wastewater Collection System Operator, TN
  • Grade II Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, TN
  • Class A Wastewater Collections Systems Operator Certification, MO
  • Class C Wastewater Treatment
  • Class DS-III Water Distribution Certification, MO
  • OSHA Certified Specialist in Safety & Health