In March of 2010, the first of two aeration basins went online with fine air diffusers resulting in immediate reduction in energy costs. With both fine air diffusers online in April, the project is averaging about $2,000 a month in electrical cost savings to the City. The estimated project payback is five years. In February 2009, Alliance Managers Bob Ross and Todd Allen, with help from Environmental Dynamics, put together a plan for the City of Maquoketa Iowa to convert from coarse bubble to fine bubble aeration. The City secured a low interest 20-year loan from the Iowa Finance Authority, a State Revolving Fund, for the wastewater treatment facility\'s aeration system improvement project. The total project cost was $147,515 with 20% of that total cost forgiven. This project was considered a “Green Reserve Project” as it will reduce energy consumption by discontinuing the use of two 40HP motive pumps that will no longer be required for mixing the aeration basis contents and reduce blower speeds with more efficient oxygen transfer.