More than fifty water and sewer operators from Southeast Missouri attended a training session on chlorine safety and industry-wide regulatory updates last week.

The operators, who represented nearly twenty communities, gathered at Fire Station #1 in Cape Girardeau on Wednesday, Dec. 3. Attendees earned Missouri Department of Natural Resources-approved training credit for attending the one-day course.

“Lots of folks in this area deal with chlorine on a daily basis. We try to hold a training session on chlorine safety at least once a year because these chemicals can be dangerous – it\'s important to have a refresher” said trainer William Pecord, water production supervisor for Alliance Water Resources, the company that operates the Cape Girardeau water system under a contract with the City. The training was sponsored by the company.

Alliance Water Resources is a contract management company serving community water and wastewater systems. The company partners with communities in Missouri and Iowa to manage issues such as federal and state regulatory compliance, operator certification and capital improvement project management.