On June 26, 2011 and July 2, 2011, severe storms rolled through the City of Bowling Green and other regions of eastern Missouri causing power outages, tree limb damage, and other problems for residents.   As soon as the storms ceased, Alliance\'s staff went to work inspecting facilities for damages and returning operations back to normal.   As part of the Bowling Green staff\'s work activities, many tree limbs were cleared from the streets, community park, and other public areas.   In appreciation for the dedication and prompt response from Alliance, Mayor Chad Perkins presented Alliance Water Resources with a Certificate of Appreciation at the July 11, 2011 aldermanic meeting.   The certificate thanked Alliance for “…their quick response and work performed after the recent storm.   We thank you for your support and dedication to our community.”   Congratulations to the entire Bowling Green staff for your outstanding work!