At Alliance, the idea of devleoping partnerships with our clients isn”t just an idea. We strive to work with our clients daily to answer their questions, provide detailed information and offer resolutions to common, and not so common, operational and business issues of their systems. Along those lines, the Alliance Team introduced a new educational tool to district board members. “Board Member 101” gives decision makers an overivew of water & sewer systems and treatment, budgeting, planning, capital project funding alternatives, and legal issues. Alliance was pleased to introduce this set of tools to Missouri’s eastern region of contracted districts in May 2009 and welcomed representatives from the Franklin, Lincoln, Phelps, and St. Charles County districts. Alliance Managers Mike Dougherty and Tim Geraghty developed the class and many others contributed to the subject matter contact. The session was held at the PWSD #2 of St. Charles County training center.