PWSD #1 of Lincoln County faced a catastrophic main break event on Wednesday, January 14, 2009. The first call came in at 11AM and by 10PM the staff had rpaired over 10 leaks with over 50 to go. Temperatures were dropping and the wind chill was -18. They were in desperate need of help. It only took one call. Alliance Division Manager Mike Dougherty went to work to gatehr uup the needed personnel and clamps from other Alliance divisions. By noon on Friday, over 75 leaks had been repaired by the Alliance Team! The Lincoln County division and their District Board extend their thanks to the St. Charles County, Franklin County, Ralls County and Bowling Green divisions. Says Lincoln County Local Manager Charlie McLeod, “This kind of cooperation alone should tell everyone what kind of company Alliance is! We have dedicated staff that will send aid to anyone in need.”