As a company dedicated to developing employees and providing career growth, Alliance Water Resources promotes, on average, 10 – 20% of their staff annually. Recently, Alliance announced a new Director of Business Development – Bart Downing.

Many of you may already know Downing, who has been with the company since 2001. He has served in a variety of capacities over the years, including his most recent role as a Regional Operations Manager. With more than 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry, Downing has developed the skills and expertise to suit him for this new position and has, in fact, assisted with business development for the company throughout his time and various roles. 

Tim Geraghty, President for Alliance, says “We are very excited to have Bart move into this role. He has seen a lot of issues throughout his career and has, with the help of our team, developed a lot of solutions. Bart understands the challenges communities face when considering a water and wastewater operations partnership, and he will be able to help boards and city officials work through the details.”

Downing’s career with Alliance began when the water district that he was employed at for more than a decade decided they needed a different solution and hired Alliance Water Resources. Eighteen years later, that district is still a client of Alliance, and Downing has worked through various positions of growth and opportunity. He says that the move to partner with Alliance proved to be a good decision for the district and a beneficial one for him, and he feels fortunate that Alliance is a company that rewards hard work and dedication.

When asked what he is most excited about in this new role, Downing says it is the opportunity to meet new and prospective clients. “I enjoy meeting new people and building professional and personal relationships,” he says. Those who know Downing will attest that his people skills will serve him well. “I focus on listening well and asking the right questions. This allows me to find out what every potential client truly needs. Once that is established, we can focus on how Alliance can fulfill those needs.”

Downing says that as the Director of Business Development, his focus will be “ to listen for, look for and find the water and wastewater systems that are in need of the services Alliance provides, then turn those communities into longtime, satisfied customers by solving the staffing and regulatory issues they face, and assisting with budgets and capital planning to increase financial stability.”

Like many of his colleagues, Downing has a long history with the company because helping communities with water and wastewater management has become a rewarding passion. “I believe in what we do, therefore I love what I do!”

If you have concerns about the water and wastewater operations of your community and are looking for a solution, contact Bart via email or at 816-387-3559.