St. Charles County, MO


Project Background

The East Central Missouri Water and Sewer Authority (ECMWSA) is a not-for-profit corporation formed by Public Water Supply District #2 of St. Charles County. Its mission is to provide water and sewer utility services to areas in St. Charles and Warren Counties where municipal service is unavailable.

Alliance reports directly to the Authority Board of Directors and provides comprehensive management, operations, and maintenance services for the wastewater and water facilities owned by the Authority. The wastewater facilities include approximately 50 miles of sewer collection lines and one sewer pumping station serving 2,500 residences. The water facilities include a deep well and a distribution system for 150 customer connections.

Alliance responsibilities include customer billing and collection as well as operation and maintenance of the Authority’s sanitary sewers, a well, an elevated tower and water distribution system.


  • Provide cost effective sewer collection service in areas of rapidly growing St. Charles County where other utilities were unavailable.
  • Develop comprehensive system management, administrative, and operating services for sewer utility customers acquired by the start-up utility.
  • Assist the water and sewer company in expanding its customer base.

Alliance Achievements

  • The ECMWSA system is unusual in that it brings different communities together into an efficient, cost effective system. It provides service to sewer customers at the eastern boundary of St. Charles County and water service to the village of Flint Hill. Alliance has carefully paced system growth with the necessary management expertise to provide a continuing stable expansion of the utility system.
  • For the ECMWSA start-up in 1986, Alliance procured and trained O&M staff and developed the business policies and procedures necessary for the newly formed company to begin immediately providing quality service to its customers.
  • Alliance has helped guide ECMWSA through numerous capital improvements programs, managing all planning, financing, design, and construction efforts.
  • Our unified operations, maintenance, and administrative environment efficiently manages water and wastewater facilities spread over a large geographical area.
  • Professional and technical expertise for water and wastewater treatment is not commonly available in rural areas. The ECMWSA /Alliance agreement guarantees continual service to their clients at an expert level throughout the life of the contract.