Henry County, MO


Project Background

he Henry County Water Company is a not-for-profit corporation formed by the City of Clinton in 1983 with Alliance’s guidance. Its management is vested in a board of directors, which includes the City Administrator and four citizen members. Alliance provides complete contract management services, including operations and maintenance of the water treatment plant, maintenance and repair of the water distribution system, and billing, management, and administration for 4,600 customer connections serving some 9,800 people.

In 1999, the water company constructed and placed into service a new 2.4 mgd water supply to treat a high quality raw water source from an underground quarry. The new plant is a single pass pulsator flocculator/clarifier with dual media gravity filtration.

Alliance Water Resources has furnished the entire management, administrative, operations, and maintenance staff for the water utility since its inception in 1983.


  • The City of Clinton had little or no control over its own water system, which was owned by a large electric utility. City officials did not wish to incur the long-term debt necessary to acquire the water system from the private electric utility.
  • The system’s raw water source on the Grand River in the upper reaches of the Truman Reservoir was of poor quality. Raw water quality was highly variable, ranging from high turbidity to high algae concentrations with periods of extreme organic content and odor-causing compounds.
  • The surface water treatment plant consisted of an aging, single-stage system with limited capabilities for handling occasional water taste and odor problems stemming from the raw water source.

Alliance Achievements

  • Calling upon its expertise with financing and funding structures for water and wastewater systems, Alliance assisted the City of Clinton with the formation of a city-owned not-for-profit corporation to acquire and operate the water system on behalf of the citizens of Clinton.
  • Alliance then conducted negotiations on behalf of the city to acquire the system, essentially forming a complete utility, recruiting and training staff, acquiring all necessary equipment, and setting up an automated business office with computerized billing, collection, administration and management services.
  • To address existing water quality problems, Alliance tested and selected an alternative chemical treatment regime and improved operation.
  • In 1999, with guidance from Alliance, Henry County Water Company completed construction of an innovative new water supply which draws on a high quality underground quarry raw water source, and uses a new single stage water treatment plant.
  • Alliance provided management and planning for the financing, design, and construction of the new supply facilities, resulting in a capital savings of over $1.5 million. The new supply provides increased capacity and a high quality finished water supply for the citizens of Clinton.