Water Affordability Policy Statement Approved by AWWA

December 2018

Clean water doesn’t come for free. The largest costs typically revolve around maintenance and repair for infrastructure, as well as necessary expansions to help communities grow. In order to afford these expenditures, rates often must increase – leaving many communities to have to navigate a balance between operation and affordability to customers. The recent Affordability […]

‘Tis the Season – To Be Grateful for Clean Water

December 2018

Water. A resource with arguably more uses than any other. For the health of our bodies we drink, prepare food, bathe and brush teeth. For the preservation of our homes we wash clothes and dishes, water yards and gardens. Every living being relies on having enough, and entire countries degrade when supplies are scarce. There […]

The Importance of Investing in Operators

December 2018

When it comes to successfully managing any water or wastewater treatment facility, there is no denying that efficiency and high-quality operation are directly related to the expertise and performance of the operator. Today’s operators seem to be a diminishing breed. Those who are in the field are tasked with continual learning of the newest technology […]

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