Midwest Drought

September 2018

Although recent rain has provided a bit of relief for the Midwest region in the past few weeks, there are still areas that will experience both short- and long-term effects from this summer’s drought. The USDA proclaims drought to be, on average, “one of the most costly natural hazards in the United States each year.” […]

Cybersecurity Management You Need to Know

September 2018

The first computer virus was detected in 1970, and the cybersecurity threat to our nation’s utilities has continued to gradually increase since then, most significantly in the recent decade. As Industrial Control Systems become progressively more online and the Internet of Things works to improve efficiencies and service, more doors are opened for cybersecurity issues. […]

AWWA 2018 State of the Water Industry Report

September 2018

As AWWA prepares to disseminate surveys for the 2019 State of the Water Industry Report, it’s a good time to look back at the 2018 report and revisit some of the concerns reported. How much has changed in the past six months, and are we still headed in the predicted direction? The 2018 results conveyed […]

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