Water Saving Tips for Hot Weather

July 2018

Hot Midwest summers means household water consumption more than doubles. Reducing water usage will help elevate shortages and save you money. Here are some easy tips to help you conserve. Water early. When temperatures heat up and the sun is high in the air, water evaporation is at its peak. By watering in the morning, […]

Regulatory Changes Ahead?

July 2018

In light of the recent departure of former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, the organization will be led by Mr. Pruitt’s deputy, Scott Wheeler, at least for the next several months and perhaps past the midterm November elections. There is speculation by both supporters and critics of Wheeler that he will share […]

The Quest for Water

July 2018

As the demand for available clean water continues to grow, due to challenges such as climate change, pollution, the expansion of human populations and the increase of industry, the long-time focus on water strategies to conserve and recycle gain more attention. Water authorities in geographical hot spots such as California, Texas and Florida strive to […]

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